I wanted to post this message to beg people to please follow the chat rules.

Most users of 77chat.com do not realize that the chat site has been run by a single person since I started it in 1996. I have been running it for 22 years now. I do not make any money doing this. I do it because there are 1,000s of people who use the chat each day to make friends and to connect with other people all over the world. Many of the users are physicaly disabled and have no other way to communicate with so many people in such an easy manner. I get joy in knowing that other people use this free service to chat with people and make their day a little more happy.

I am a US citizen and live in the USA. The chat site is located on servers that exist in the USA. Up till now, USA website owners were not responsible for any illegal content that users posted on their site. Last week, the United States Congress voted to change this. Our congress has approved a law which makes it crime to own a website where any user has posted any ad for prostitution. Donald Trump is expected to approve the law soon. Once that happens I could go to jail for 25 years if someone uses the chat to promote prostitution.

There is only a very small number of people that have done this. It makes me sad to have to discontinue the service for everyone because of just a couple people.

There is a possibility that the chat could stay open if all people will just follow the rules. This must change before Trump signs the law. That is the only way the chat can remain open.

Do not create any rooms that suggest anything about prostitution or payment of money for sex. This includes escorts.
Do not post any information in your profile that says you are looking to exchange sex for money.
Do not send any chat messages asking to exchange sex for money.

The new law only addresses prostitution and sex trafficking, however I also ask that you please do not post anything related to any other type of crime or post any links to other sites which may have content which is illegal.

Please do not create any rooms that suggest sex with people under the age of 18. I am aware that the age of consent in Italy is 14, but this a very emotional topic in the USA and any occurrences is going to force me to close the chat.
If you are 14-17 you may chat, but please do not agree to meet anyone you are chatting with.

I really hope that I can continue to offer this free chat service. If any users have any ideas or suggestions on how to help please contact me at James12@77Network.com.

Thank you,